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Whatever I feel like….

This blog will be about whatever I want it to be on any particular day or particular  moment.

There will be no set topic – whatever I want to write about that day I will! (OK so the topic could just be “Misc” but I don’t need to be that nitpicky or structured!)

 I could be bitchy one day, nice the next.  I most certainly won’t be worried about views per day…  ..I won’t be anal about grammar or spelling though perhaps I could try but why? (Somewhere my highschool teacher is turning in her grave at this very concept…Sorry Sister Julie!).

I am just emptying my head of thoughts that clutter it.  Once too much gets in the toilet, I will flush it out onto these pages. 

So off I go…and remember this old adage incase you don’t agree with what I have to say:

Opinions are like assholes – everybody has one!


Hello world!

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